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ADAC motorhome rental Germany

Camper - Motorhome - RV rental Germany

  • 3 % ADAC member discount on the daily rental price
  • Fully comprehensive cover included 
  • Young and well-kept caravans
  • Awning included
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    Camper - Motorhome - RV rental Germany

    ADAC Wohnmobil-Vermietung is Germany’s leading motorhome rental company. It is part of the German Automobile Club ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club). Founded in 1903, ADAC provides its services to more than 21 million members. After the US's AAA, the German ADAC is the world's second largest automobile association. In cooperation with several suppliers, ADAC Wohnmobil-Vermietung offers more than 2.000 vehicles (motorhomes and campervans) among more than 60 motorhome rental stations throughout Germany. Seven stations are located near the big airports, offering English-speaking staff. The well-maintained ADAC motorhomes come exclusively from top-quality German and European manufacturers.

    • Members of national automobile clubs (e.g. AAA, RAC, AA, ACI, etc.) receive an additional 3 % membership discount on their motorhome rental.

    Exploring Germany and Europe in a rental motorhome

    A motorhome journey starts typically at one of the European gateways in Germany. These are the international airports in Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Munich - and, of course, the nation's capital, Berlin. The respective RV rental stations are located within only a few miles from the airports. Germany distinguishes itself with an outstanding highway network and excellent campground facilities for motorhome vacations so that every destination can be easily reached.

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    Berlin, capital, rv rental germany europeBerlin reveals a fascinating history. The occurrences of two world wars, the Cold War devision between East and West running right through the city’s heart, German reunification and its subsequent development into a modern, global city characterize Berlin.

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    Frankfurt am Main with its remarkable skyline, however, was rebuilt totally anew. The city of Frankfurt has around 700,000 inhabitants and is also known as a banking metropolis, which is why Frankfurt is also known as "Mainhatten" in reference to river Main and the world-famous banking district in New York City, Manhattan. 

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    When touring the country by a campervan it’s worth visiting Munich in beautiful Bavaria. In autumn the famous and popular Octoberfest takes place. Of course, it’s also possible to experience traditional Bavarian customs drinking beer and munching on pretzels in traditional dress like Dirndl and Lederhosen all year long.

    Germany boasts incredible landscapes and unforgettable images that can be explored by rental RVs and motorhomes. Breathtaking attractions, architectural treasures and fairytale castles like Neuschwanstein can be found in a picturesque scene loaded with great mountains, thick forests and deep blue lakes. 

    Motorhome adventures from Germany to Europe

    The best deals and most attractive rates for motorhome rentals in Europe are available in Germany. For this reason, Germany is a perfect starting point to discover Europe’s delightful regions. Hire a campervan or motorhome in Germany provides access and comfortable travelling to other European States. Distances are short. Frankfurt - Paris for instance are only 360 miles apart. From Munich you can easily reach Venice in a 5-hour, 340-miles journey.

    The Alps region Switzerland, Austria and Italy can be visited easily from Germany with a motorhome. Switzerland and Austria are famous for their impressive nature and mountainous landscape. Outdoor activities like skiing, hiking and mountain biking offer varied adventures. People and their culture can be experienced particularly in the big cities like Zurich and Bern in Switzerland or Vienna and Salzburg in Austria. Furthermore the beautiful state Italy with vivid Rome as its capital is worth visiting and well suited for exciting RV traveling. Lovely Verona (of 'Romeo and Juliet' lore), or phenomenal Venice satisfy every expectations.

    In an ADAC motorhome it is convenient and really not that far to drive from Germany to Northern or Western Europe and discover history as well as glorious places. Alternatively there are perfect camper routes to the Netherlands or Scandinavia, where the magic of the European North fascinates everyone.

    Campervan rentals make it possible to enjoy the freedom of traveling to any interesting places in Germany or Europe. Find your own cruising speed and stay wherever you like - on the fly! Rent an ADAC motorhome and ask for the best deal in our ADAC booking engine for your next extraordinary trip!